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Maghrenov call for proposals 2016 : results!

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By Chloé Friedlander in the group News on 27 june 2016

In the framework of the MAGHRENOV project, KIC InnoEnergy (EU) and IRESEN (Morocco) organised for the second time a joint call for Innovation projects targeting Euro-Moroccan consortia.

Context and rationale of the Call

Co-financed by two partners of MAGHRENOV project, the objective of the MAGHRENOV call is to provide support to R2I (Research to Innovation) in the fields of renewable energy, biomass and energy efficiency, as defined in the MAGHRENOV specific Roadmaps. Through this R2I support, IRESEN and KIC InnoEnergy SE aim to foster innovation, accelerate the uptake of new technologies to the market and to favour convergence between EU and MPCs initiatives for the development of sustainable energies adapted to regional specificities.

A joint selection procedure to guarantee the high quality of the selected projects

The submitted proposals went through an intense three-step selection procedure to ensure the innovativeness, the high quality and the high potential of the selected projects.

At each of the three stages – Eligibility check, Thematic Level Assessment, Maghrenov Level Assessment – the best projects passed to the next stage based on the joint evaluation by experts from IRESEN and KIC InnoEnergy using the evaluation criteria made available in the Call application document package.

Congratulations to “DrinkingBox”, the selected project with high potential!

After this tough selection procedure, one project was selected to be funded by IRESEN and KIC InnoEnergy: “DrinkingBox”. This project will now start working on its WP0 in order to prepare the next step: the “Go/No go” evaluation before Kick-off!

The DrinkingBox project aims at maximizing the efficiency of the solar radiation on the purification of water by combining three already-proven- and-recognized effects: solar pasteurization, photolysis and photocatalysis, in order to disinfect 30 liters of water per square meter of solar panels in less than one half-day of sunning, while providing a refreshed water.

The project consortium is composed of Solable SAS, SA ENERGY POLES, Mascir and CEA.

The MAGHRENOV project and the two co-funding partners IRESEN and KIC InnoEnergy would like to thank again all the different applicants for their time and effort they put into their proposals.



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