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The KIC InnoEnergy Matchmaking Event

Posted on 18 march 2014 by Olga Mackiewicz

When: 26 Mar 2014 - 28 Mar 2014

Venue: Amsterdam - PARK PLAZA AMSTERDAM AIRPORT hotel Melbournestraat 1, Lijnden 1175 RM, The Netherlands

Type of event: Consortium Member’s Event

Fees: Free

Organiser: KIC InnoEnergy SE


Do you have a business idea linked to Sustainable Energy that you want to commercialise but still need complementing support? Or are you interested in supporting innovative energy solutions with your knowledge and maybe even as launching customer? In order to find the right innovation partner, KIC InnoEnergy invite you to the second edition of our European Matchmaking event, to be held in Amsterdam from 26th till 28th of March 2014

The Matchmaking event is impact-oriented and integrative: it builds on pitches, speed dating and round table discussions, thus engaging all participants.  Once you pitch your idea in front of potential commercialisation partners, or present the fields of expertise of your company or research organization, our multi-level matchmaking process makes sure you are meeting the right partners, allowing the connection between partner, supplier and customer. Together with them, you can then submit a project proposal at KIC InnoEnergy: we invest in the final development of products and services in Sustainable Energy of which at least the technical feasibility has already been proven.

At the event you are going to meet partners from your technology field:

Wednesday, 26th of March

  • PV & Solar Thermoelectric
  • Smart Grids
  • Clean Coal

Thursday, 27th of March

  • Wind and Ocean Energy
  • Energy from Chemical Fuels
  • Smart Cities & Buildings

Friday, 28th of March

  • Energy efficiency in Industry
  • Energy storage


You will find further information online on

We are looking forward to meeting you in Amsterdam.


The KIC InnoEnergy MATCHMAKING EVENT Step by step 

During one day we make sure that you have met all interesting persons in your domain and started writing 
an innovation project with the best partners. 

1. Pitching 
Every person in your theme group will present his/her idea in 5 minutes. While listening to all the pitches you can vote for preferred ideas: with those persons you wish to talk and find mutual interests. 

2. Speed dating 
During 10 minutes you get a chance to speak with each of your preferred persons. Now you see whether your interests are really mutual and if you can help each other. Afterwards you vote for the persons or ideas with or for whom you see a business future. There will be a minimum of 10 rounds of speed dating. 

3. Matchmaking 
Based on the different votes of all the participants, we match the persons that have mutual interests for a new product or service, according to the value chain. In the thus created consortium, a KIC InnoEnergy. Innovation coach helps you to appoint a driver for your proposal and to start writing it. Since we organise a minimum of 3 rounds with parallel matching, you can take part in more than one innovation call proposal


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