The first step toward the Euro-Mediterranean Innovation Space about Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency
Final event at the European Parliament

Final event at the European Parliament

Presentation of MAGHRENOV results at the European Parliament (8th of September 2016)

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Final event at the European Parliament


On the 8th of September 2016, the MAGHRENOV Project hold an institutional and dissemination session at the European Parliament in Brussels. This event was organised to celebrate the end of the MAGHRENOV project and to pave the way to new steps to support sustainable energy solutions in the EMIS. The event was hosted by Member of European Parliament M. Pier Antonio Panzeri, Chair of the Delegation for relations with the Maghreb countries and the Arab Maghreb Union.

The objective of this event was to disseminate the MAGHRENOV findings and activities as well as to promote the debate within policy-makers and other relevant actors, such as researchers, national agencies, diplomats and consultants among others. In addition, this event was part of the continuum of the policy support activities in MAGHRENOV (WP6): the International Conference in Marseille and the MedCOP22. These events lead us to Marrakesh for the COP22, which will be a key spot for the continuity of the spirit of MAGHRENOV: the joint collaboration and the co-creation of solutions that will promote the innovation and sustainability across the Euro-Mediterranean basin.

The event was divided in two sessions, an institutional one and another more technical-oriented session. The speakers came from the Consortium of the Maghrenov project, from the European Commission’s services and from other relevant institutions such as Euro-Med projects, national agencies and international advisors in energy.


Take-Away messages


  • The MAGHRENOV Project has created opportunities in terms of business development and job creation and has promoted economic growth in the Mediterranean basin region. Energy cooperation is a key topic in the Euro-Med relation and can help for the further integration of both regions.
  • The idea is to co-develop the sustainable energy value-chain on both sides of Mediterranean and develop a shared vision to stimulate the transition of EMIS, from a collaborative innovative space to a fully-structured innovation system. Public-private partnership is seen as key in the EMIS transition.
  • For EU, cooperation with southern Mediterranean is strategic in terms of domestic and external policy. This leads us to reinforced partnerships based on three pillars:
    • Environment and Climate Change
    • Social development
    • Economic growth
  • MAGHRENOV has clearly taken the approach supported by the EU which is to exchange information, cooperate and to cluster to have a greater integration and a bigger impact at the national and regional level.


Agenda of the event

The MAGHRENOV Project: The need for a new step to support sustainable energy solutions in the Euro-Mediterranean Innovation Space (EMIS)


14:00 – 15:15 First Institutional Session

Innovation as a game changer in the Mediterranean Region


  • Claude AYACHE, European Affairs KIC InnoEnergy

Title: Lessons from MAGHRENOV outputs and the challenge beyond

  • Abdessalem EL KHAZEN, Deputy Director of ANME, National Agency for Energy Management, Tunisia

Title: Innovation as a game changer in Tunisia

  • Badr IKKEN, Director General of IRESEN, Morocco

Title: Innovation as a game changer in Morocco

  • Fadila BOUGHANEMI, Deputy Head of Unit European Neighbourhood Policy, Africa and the Gulf, DG RTD European Commission

Title: Trends in the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership

Discussion: Enhancing the cooperation between both sides of the Mediterranean Sea to support an integrated EMIS – Euro-Mediterranean Innovation System - in sustainable energy, towards a Euro-Med public-private partnership.



15:30 – 17:00 Second Session

Test-bed lessons from MAGHRENOV and R2Is Companion Projects

  • Introductory presentation

Alberto SORACI, Coordinator of ETRERA 2020 and Speaker for the Euro-Med R2I Alliance

Title: Paving the road to EMIS integration: the 10 points of Messina and the Tunis’s paper


  • Panel discussion

Claude Ayache, European Affairs KIC InnoEnergy

Abdelhak CHAIBI, Project Manager R&D MAROC, Morocco

Abdessalem EL KHAZEN, Deputy Director of ANME, National Agency for Energy Management, Tunisia

Khaled GHEDIRA, General Director of the National Agency for Research Promotion, Tunisia

Badr IKKEN, Director of IRESEN, Morocco

Silvia PARIENTE DAVID, International Energy senior advisor

Philippe SCHILD, Expert Senior, EC, DG RTD/Energy


Discussion: A knowledge-based Public-Private Partnership to structure EMIS integration



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