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Marseille 11-12 February  

The MAGHRENOV Consortium is pleased to announce the MAGHRENOV International Conference

Brussels, February 2nd 2016

The MAGHRENOV project aims to support innovation in the Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency sectors in the Euro-Mediterranean region. After two years of implementation, MAGHRENOV will hold its International Conference on 11-12 February 2016 in Marseille, at la Villa Méditerranée.  In partnership with CAPENERGIE – MARE and AVITEM.

In 2013, the MAGHRENOV project started under the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration (FP7). Its main goal is to support innovation and capacity building in Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency (RE & EE) in the Euro-Mediterranean and Maghreb context. To do so, MAGHRENOV addresses three main pillars: “Innovation and Business Creation”, “Education” and “Research and Infrastructure”. The creation, implementation and development of a Euro-Mediterranean Innovation Space (EMIS) is at the core of the project structure.

The key objectives of this conference are threefold, namely:

  • Showcase the results of MAGHRENOV and exchange gained knowledge about them;
  • Review existing Euro-Mediterranean policies on sustainable energy and innovation and learn about developments in the RE&EE sector in both EU and MPC regions as carried through EU projects and other initiatives;
  • Draw recommendations from MAGHRENOV and associated projects experience in order to reinforce the Euro-Mediterranean collaboration in the RE&EE domain through concrete actions.

Moreover, the conference will be also an opportunity to promote and to engage the dialogue and the debate between participants coming from both the EU and Member Partner Countries about the needed next steps toward the EMIS development and its consolidation in the RE & EE fields.

The two-day International Conference will be composed of a political plenary session, parallel expert workshops, and three panel dialogues devoted to the three main pillars of MAGHRENOV.


For specific information about the MAGHRENOV International Conference programme, please visit the MAGHRENOV website. You can make the registration for the International Conference here.

About MAGHRENOV consortium

The MAGHRENOV consortium is composed of:

KIC InnoEnergy SE (www.kic-innoenergy.com) - as one of the first organisations to be designated as a Knowledge Innovation Community by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology, Kic InnoEnergy fosters integration of education, technology, business and entrepreneurship, strengthens innovation culture. It provides a world-class alliance of companies, research institutes, universities and business schools covering the energy mix, and has a pan-European influence with co-location centres in the Alps, Benelux, Germany, Spain, Poland and Sweden.

The “Institute for Research on Solar and Renewable Energies” (IRESEN -www.iresen.org) - located in Morocco, the institute promotes national R&D in applied sciences, fosters innovation and networking. IRESEN ensures prioritization of research areas, funding and managing of R&D projects. Well connected with the industry sector (ONE, OCP…) and strongly invested in Moroccan Renewable & energy efficiency policy, the institute is responsible for conducting benchmark studies and defining regional roadmaps based on business specific needs.

The Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC- www.upc.edu) - internationally rewarded as first class of excellence centre in higher education related to policy development and energy sector executive management. Due to its location in Barcelona and the tight links with research centres across the Euro-Mediterranean area, the UPC is responsible for the settlement of a new Open Master’s program in collaboration with China’s Universities and management of the human resources capacity building process creation throughout the project.

The “Association Marocaine pour la Recherche-Développement” (R&D Maroc -www.rdmaroc.com) - is devoted to R&D&I services to Moroccan companies and specialized in R&D business innovation information services towards decision-makers. R&D Maroc strengthen links between national researchers and Moroccans abroad, facilitates R&D laboratories synergies with the industry sector and other research institutions, and fosters Business creation.

The “Agence National pour la Maitrise de l’Energie” (ANME - www.anme.nat.tn) – is devoted to Tunisian governmental policy implementation for R&D and renewable energy & energy efficiency deployment. Set up in 1985, ANME is responsible for energy management state policy implementation, hence ensuring energy efficiency, renewable energy and alternative energy promotion through research actions.

ITEMS International (www.items-int.eu) is a consultancy firm based in Paris specialised in digital technology and strategy in the energy sector (Smart energy), holds offices in many European capitals (such as Algiers). ITEMS organize the annual Global Forum conference which brings together political and industrial leaders from around the world to anticipate future technological evolutions. ITEMS international is responsible for dissemination actions through the networking institutions of the project.

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