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The National Agency for Energy Conservation was created in 1985. It is a public establishment placed under the aegis of the Ministry of Industry.
Its role is to implement the state policy for energy conservation through the study, the promotion of energy efficiency, renewable energies and energy substitution.
The intervention fields encompassed by the ANME are all those initiatives and actions which aim at reducing greenhouse effect from conventional energies consumption:

  • Partaking in the elaboration and carrying out of national energy conservation programs
  • Carrying out prospective and strategic surveys
  • Elaboration of the legal and regulations framework to energy conservation
  • Granting of tax and financial incentives
  • Launching sensitizing, information, educational and training campaigns
  • Backing development and spreading of energy conservation in industry as well as encouraging private investment in this sector

The Agency is working to develop the pole actions related to energy consumption in the following fields:

  • Studies
  • Renewable Energies
  • Energy Efficiency and Clean Technologies
  • Training, Sensitizing and Information
  • Scientific research
  • International Cooperation
  • Human And Financial Resources

Which role will you be playing within the consortium? What is the added value of your organization within the project?
ANME is particularly well positioned to coordinate the Policy support task insofar as its primary mission is the implementation of the national policy in the renewable energy and energy efficiency.
ANME has extensive experience in project management in the field of renewable energy and energy efficiency, in elaboration of strategic studies, in educational and training programs, in backing R&D and new technology. It is the interface between science and industry.

The three pillars of the MAGHRENOV project are education, business innovation and research infrastructure. How, do you expect contributing to these three main subjects?
On making analysis from our previous experiences on the other parts of the project, we will develop 3 White Papers concerning:

  • New educational entrepreneurial programs,
  • New adequate infrastructure,
  • Innovative business stimulation.

We will also present these experiences for decision makers.

Which Work parts of the MAGHRENOV Project is your organisation associated with?

  • Coordination and Project Management,
  • Capacity Building 1: Human Resources (education, training and mobility),
  • Capacity building 2: Knowledge and Infrastructures for Innovation,
  • Support to joint innovation projects,
  • Support to Business Creation,
  • Policy Support,
  • Dissemination.










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