The first step toward the Euro-Mediterranean Innovation Space about Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency


The MAGHRENOV Consortium brings together partners from Europe (France, Spain, Netherlands, and Belgium) and Maghreb Region (Morocco and Tunisia), with expertise both from private and public sector, as well as research and education.
Our shared goal is to establish a common Euro-Mediterranean innovation space in the Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency (RE&EE) sector.
MAGHRENOV relies on a double experience recently developed on the both sides of the Mediterranean:

  • The EU research and innovation policy, as supported by the SET Plan (Strategic Energy Technology Plan) and the KIC InnoEnergy (Knowledge and innovation community) established by the EIT (European Institute of Technology) in the domain of sustainable energies,
  • Different plans carried out in Maghreb countries to support the deployment of renewable energies while deeply reforming the Education, Research and Innovation systems.

The MAGHRENOV consortium consists of a group of partners with complementary and converging skills. Each partner contributes its own particular skills and expertise and has a critical role in the project. Partners’ background smoothly complements each other and all together we form the full set of capabilities to lead MAGHRENOV to success.
It’s a core group which is able to address the different aspects of the project in a highly versatile way ensuring quick start activities, their consolidation into sustainable structures, and their translation toward policy makers at national (EU Member and Associated States, MPCs) and EU Institutional (EC, EP, EIT, SET Plan, Mediterranean ENPI policy etc.) levels.
The partners constitute entry points of different EU and Mediterranean networks (both polytechnic and business schools in education domain, industry involving both large companies and SMEs, support to policy making like MIRA and its successor SPRING, etc.). Such a network will ensure a deep involvement of the relevant partners in the targeted region and the enlargement of our methods to other Mediterranean countries.

MAGHRENOV builds on the existing framework of EUROMED dialogue on research and innovation. Especially, we take full account of the analysis and recommendations delivered by Inco-Net MIRA project (Mediterranean Innovation and Research coordination Action) towards the establishment of a Euro-Mediterranean Innovation Space as well as of the outcomes of other related FP7 projects (such as MedSpring and MedPro) and international cooperation projects (BILAT).











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