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Institut of Research in Solar Energy and New Energies (IRESEN)



Institut of Research in Solar Energy and New Energies (IRESEN)
Ministère de l'Energie , des Mines , de l'Eau et de l'Environnement
BP 6208 Rabat Instituts Agdal
10 080
Rabat- Morocco



Established in 2011, the Institute for Research in Solar Energy and New Energies (IRESEN) supports the national strategy for the deployment of renewable energies. IRESEN is dedicated to provide knowledge and research infrastructures at the disposal of energy innovation.
IRESEN is ensuring two missions in achieving this strategy. IRESEN develops R&D energy projects and plays the role of a research fund. In fact, IRESEN established a green energy research platform to develop and provide the access to research infrastructures and expertise at optimum costs. IRESEN is also a research fund with the objective to manage funds for a better capacity and know-how portfolio.
Furthermore, IRESEN is in charge of identifying strategic topics to guide the research, build joint R&D projects, and create critical research maps. The process involves a dialogue with universities and industrialists to identify the needs of the sector. In fact, IRESEN launches frequently call for proposals to select innovative projects. Innovation is not the only criterion; applicants must be a consortium of universities and industrialists. Last but not least, IRESEN provides financial and technical means to academics to research challenging applied science research topics. Research projects are related to the innovative research themes investigated in the solar research platform of Benguerir. The objective is to trigger a sustainable research and innovation momentum in energy.

Which role will you be playing within the consortium? What is the added value of your organization within the project?
The commitment to trigger innovation makes IRESEN suitable to lead the Work Package 3 on Capacity Building 2: Knowledge and Infrastructures for Innovation. IRESEN is a dynamic organization with valuable assets: a diversified portfolio of public and private partners, a competent team and research infrastructures. In fact, national partners include the Ministry of Energy, Mining, Water and Environment and the Office Chérifien des Phosphates which is the largest Moroccan industry company. Key energy partners include the Moroccan Agency for Solar Energy, the Energy Investment Organization (SIE), and the agency responsible for renewable energies and energy efficiency policy implementation (ADEREE). IRESEN is enriched by a team with diversified backgrounds; from engineering to economics and policy analysts. In addition, the green research platform in Benguerir is at the disposal for innovation. Furthermore, IRESEN maintain close links with international universities and research centers such as the Fraunhofer institute and Chonbuk National University. The objective is to adopt good practices, promote knowledge mobility.

The three pillars of the MAGHRENOV project are education, business innovation and research infrastructure. How, do you expect contributing to these three main subjects?
IRESEN is committed to reduce the gap between university research and industrialists. This objective is feasible via tailored education programs to develop capacities able to provide innovative solutions to the industry.  
IRESEN plans to contribute to capacity building by making available its portfolio of universities and partnerships. IRESEN is willing to share its experience in managing and monitoring call for proposals. This will provide a valuable and effective insight on the actors, positive outcomes and obstacles surrounding business creation and innovation in Morocco. Furthermore, IRESEN is willing to continue developing joint R&D test infrastructures involving industrialists and universities for capacity building
The objective is to change the culture and perceptions vis a vis the research and development industry.

Which part of the MAGHRENOV Project is your organisation associated with?
Knowledge and Infrastructures for Innovation










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