The first step toward the Euro-Mediterranean Innovation Space about Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency

ITEMS International


ITEMS International
70 rue Amelot
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ITEMS International is an international independent consulting firm based both in Paris and Marseille with representatives in Europe, US, Asia and Africa. ITEMS gathers top-level partners and consultants in Digital Technologies and Smart Grids/Smart Cities. The company has a strong international expertise based on a large network over all world regions.

ITEMS International is an international consulting dedicated to delivering Information & Communication Technology (ICT) strategies

  • Internet expertise:
  • Internet between business opportunities and citizen expectations : New ways of innovation for organizations, Developing Internet of Things, Trust & Privacy issues
  • Internet governance : Naming and adressing strategic issues, assistance to launch .cities, .regions, .company ..., Process Management with ICANN, Internet of Things / RFID
  • Open Data : Strategic Framework for Local Authorities, benefits and constraints, economic impact, architecture (from repository to standardized APIs, legal issues
  • Architecture of new services : Collaborative architecture & Web 2.0, Web services based on dynamic software components, Interoperability, Mobile Internet, Video service design, ID architecture and tools, Internet of the Future Architecture, Security
  • Social Networks : Communities strategy for public and private organizations
  • Internet services adoption for citizens : Strategic and coherent visions for local authorities, Usage adoption improvement
  • Cities 2.0 : e-Health, e-Education , e-Government, Mobility

Energy and sustainable development:

  • Energy issues Understanding issues related the development of EnR and the trend in energy infrastructure regarding constraints of consumption and stability
  • Smart Grids : Towards intelligent networks : How to design new networks for the next future ?
  • Electric Vehicule : Industrials, Carbon, Economic and Market development analysis
  • Sustainable cities and region : Strategy design and implementation
  • Green IT Green approaches and constraints in IT environments.

Which role will you be playing within the consortium? What is the added value of your organization within the project?
• Develop a project dissemination and communication strategy;
• Develop and carry out a concrete set of activities that will ensure the success of the communication strategy;
• Develop an interactive and user friendly website to inform the general public and relevant stakeholders about
• Plan and realise key workshops and events and administer a User Forum, to support the wide diffusion of the
project results and guarantee proper input and feedback by key stakeholders;
• Guide the dissemination and exploitation activities of the project partners and assess their impact
All this will ensure that MAGHRENOV results benefit as many stakeholders such as Research Policy makers,
Researchers, Governmental authorities, R&D entities, SMEs, Universities, Science and Technology Parks,
as possible at a International and European level and potentially- on the long run- have a positive impact on
the International Cooperation activities of the European Commission especially focus on PMC region. The
dissemination actions will enhance the scope and results of the project by seeking and ensuring cooperation with
other relevant regional, national and European projects, initiatives and platform. The MAGHRENOV consortium
will involve as many stakeholders as possible in the analysis, development and implementation of the European
sustainable growth and competitiveness agendas.

The three pillars of the MAGHRENOV project are education, business innovation and research infrastructure. How, do you expect contributing to these three main subjects?
ITEMS International, by participating to MAGHRENOV will share and even outreach his activities, share its networks and outcomes to Internet, Media and social networks.

Which parts of the MAGHRENOV Project is your organisation associated with?

  • Communication,
  • Dissimination.










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