The first step toward the Euro-Mediterranean Innovation Space about Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency



ETRERA_2020 is a EU project aimed at tackling the future energy needs by creating a Euro-Mediterranean research alliance for the development of a RDI network on Renewable Energy Sources – RES technologies and for improving Research-Industry cooperation.
ETRERA 2020 - Empowering Trans-mediterranean Renewable Energy Research Alliance for 2020 energy targets – is a project aimed at face front the future energy needs in the Euro –Mediterranean area by reinforcing creating a collaborative research/innovation network for supporting renewable energy sources (RES) technologies development and application, in accordance with EU policy addresses.
The ETRERA2020 idea is to improve S&T and entrepreneurial relationships between European Member States and the neighbouring Mediterranean countries in the strategic field of renewable energy production, distribution and storage by a range of activities targeted to bridging the existing gap between research and innovation.

ETRERA 2020 will address its efforts not on the societal challenge: Secure, clean and efficient energy in a general way, because this modus operandi will not bring any crete result since it is too wide. It aims to focus on the below described specific technologies: wind, PV, grid nection and solar thermal.
ETRERA_2020 targets the following technologies:
•    wind
•    photovoltaic
•    solar thermal
•    hydrogen and fuel cells
•    smart grid
 Specific goals
•    improving human resources & know how of Mediterranean Partner Countries RTD organizations;
•    increasing the networking opportunity among the main actors of the RES value chain;
•    increasing of public – private partnership;
•    increasing the accessibility to research facilities;
•    increasing the project/partners visibility in order to attract potential research/industry partners.
Main activities
•    the catalogue of competences of partner research centers: research capacity, equipments, testing facilities, etc.;
•    a common R&DI strategy/roadmap and the related financial plan;
•    policy recommendations;
•    some tutorial/publication on market and risk assessment, finance opportunities, etc.;
setting-up and facilitating:
•    a Meta-cluster;
•    Public-Private Partnerships in RES technologies;
•    exchange of best practices and mobility from Research to Enterprise;
•    technological/R&DI services and business advisory;
•    two international brokerage events;
•    an international scientific conference;
•    a trans-regional Network on innovation in the field of RES technologies at Euro-Mediterranean level.

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