The first step toward the Euro-Mediterranean Innovation Space about Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency



REELCOOP stands for REnewable ELectricity COOPeration, and will address 5 areas: photovoltaics (PV), concentrated solar power (CSP), solar thermal (ST), bioenergy and grid integration. REELCOOP will develop decentralised (distributed) building integrated PV systems and ST/biomass micro-cogeneration systems, as well as centralised generation of electricity in hybrid solar/biomass power plants. This is in accordance with the EU SET-Plan approach of developing a European electricity grid able to integrate renewable and decentralised energy sources.
The overall aim of REELCOOP will be to significantly enhance research cooperation and knowledge creation on renewable electricity generation, involving Mediterranean partner countries (MPC), while at the same time developing and testing new renewable electricity generation systems. The proposed systems will be developed in European organisations with collaboration of MPC partners, and tested under real-life operating conditions in the MENA region, thus establishing a cooperation network amongst partner countries.
Three novel prototype systems will be developed and tested, being representative of both micro (distributed) and large (centralised) scale approaches to electricity generation: prototypes 1 and 2 are representative of typical micro-generation systems, while prototype 3 is representative of a large scale power plant on a reduced scale. The development of the 3 prototypes will also contribute to bring to the market energy efficient, renewable electricity generation systems. The environmental sustainability and economics of the prototype systems will be assessed, and the results obtained will be disseminated to industry and research, as proof-of-concept of renewable electricity generation solutions. Grid integration will also be assessed. The prototype systems will have a great potential for exploitation/commercialization. The commercialisation of the systems will bring economic and environmental benefits to the EU.
•    still 1.2 billion people (17%) live without electricity, with 2/3 in rural areas of Africa and Asia
•    since 1990 the progress has been modest, and to achieve “electricity for everyone” by 2030, the expansion rate has to double
•    in developed countries electricity demand is higher than supply and prices are increasing at high rates
•    overall, only 18% of the electricity comes from renewable sources (20% in EU)
What is REELCOOP (in a nutshell)
•    development, construction and testing of a building integrated PV system (with ventilated facades), a hybrid (solar/biomass) micro-cogeneration ORC system, and a hybrid concentrating solar / biomass mini-power plant
•    organisation of Workshops on Renewable Electricity technologies, open to junior researchers and outside public
•    technology transfer and dissemination regarding the developed technologies











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