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R&D Maroc



R&D Maroc
Place 16 novembre
Immeuble Habous - Porte A- 5ème étage n°51-
20 080 Casablanca - MOROCCO


R&D Maroc Association with economic and public utility status was established on March 12, 1997 by Moroccan enterprises, the Ministry of Higher Education and Research and the Ministry of Industry.
Members of R&D Moroc are public and private companies, Morocco Enterprises General Confederation and the government departments in charge of innovation and R & D.
The main objectives of R&D Maroc are:

  • To contribute to develop Morocco’s innovation system to promote and support innovation for national competitiveness
  • To initiate, implement and foster innovation and research development and conduct activities that accelerate innovation in industry, business and in society
  • The main specific objectives of R&D Maroc are:
  • To promote, foster and embed R&D/ innovation activities widely in the country at all levels and sectors
  • To contribute to build an effective national innovation ecosystem
  • To establish links between enterprises and national research institutions
  • To establish links between national researchers and Moroccans researchers in the rest of the world
  • To attract, draw talents and grants at national and foreign levels to finance research development and innovation activities

Which role will you be playing within the consortium? What is the added value of your organization within the project?
R&D Maroc is partner of the project MAGHRENOV and leader in the task names “Support to Business Creation”. This task will offer SME’s in both regions start-up information and support for developing business in both regions. The focus will be stimulating mutual initiatives: EU SME’s exploring business in MPC and collaborations between companies of both regions.
The main realizations of R&D Maroc are:

  • To contribute to develop a strategy to build an ecosystem of effective national innovation
  • To promote incubators to generate innovative business from research
  • To provide the Moroccan national innovation indicators survey
  • To build a strategy for promoting innovation culture
  • To organize the he National Innovation Awards
  • To build a strategy for up grading innovation capability
  • To manage delegated projects and programmes

The three pillars of the MAGHRENOV project are education, business innovation and research infrastructure. How, do you expect contributing to these three main subjects?
Through our expertise (realization) our networks and partners. R&D Maroc is a member of national steering committees. Its missions are initiating, promoting and improving R&D and innovation as driving force vital to the competitiveness and growth of Moroccan enterprises.

Which parts of the MAGHRENOV Project is your organisation associated with?
Support to Business Creation










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